Sunday, May 16, 2010

Natal News

I know that pretty much all of you are extremely interested in the XBox 360, so I just knew you'd want to hear this news.

Project Natal, Microsoft's answer to the Wii's motion control, may have just had its price leaked.  For those who don't know, Microsoft has developed and will (probably) soon release a camera peripheral that will let XBox 360 users have a certain level of motion control, without the use of a controller. 

For the most part, Microsoft has been mum on details, especially the price.  But luckily for us, people make mistakes.  At least 3 Swedish retailers have listed the device on their websites for 1499 SEK, which works out to about $200.  Ouch.

A few weeks ago, a UK website mentioned that the device could be as low as $80, and perhaps even lower than that.  So maybe these people are really bad at math, 'cause as far as I can figure, $200 seems somewhat higher than $80.

It is possible that the price is simply a placeholder, and will be updated once Natal is officially revealed (probably at E3).  But if it's not, I'll laugh.  Cause that's hilarious.

As for the technology itself, I'm not so sure it'll be as effective as the Wii.  You don't have a controller at all (the system uses a series of cameras), so there are many types of games that would literally be impossible to play.  Another issue I see is people getting tired too fast.  You can't expect people to always play standing up or by moving around for every little action.

One of the biggest potential problems in my mind is how the camera will be able to differentiate between different people and the background.  What if you're in a poorly lit room and you're wearing a red shirt and your couch is red, too?  I guess we won't know for sure until it's released.

In any case, we need more details before we can make a fair assessment.  But here's a prediciton for you: I won't buy one.  When Wal-Mart had XBox 360s for $100, I bought one and I hardly ever play it.  But here's a prediction I can almost guarantee: I honestly can't see myself buying a peripheral that costs twice as much as the system.


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Rachel said...

Wow, $200, that's way to much. Even if it was $80 that seems too much too. Eh, I guess we'll see how it goes :) Love you, Ben! :)